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Jim Slocumb
Rocky Springs MBC
P.O. Box 1840
Jacksonville, TX 75766

About Bro. Jim Slocumb

I was born in 1934 to a share cropper family in Grimes County, in a farming community, near Bedias, Texas. My dad started me running middles in the corn and cotton with a mule when I was eight years old. I knew all about hooking up a team of mules and going places in a wagon. By age twelve we left the farm and moved to Huntsville, Texas where my dad worked at service stations. I attended Jr. High and High school in Huntsville. My class graduated in 1952. I went to Dallas, TX and attended the American Barber College. I married Betty Patton in December of 1952 and finished Barber College in March of 1953. Betty and I began attending the Missionary Baptist Church. Dr. Vernon L. Barr was pastor. I had accepted Christ as my Savior at age twelve in a small Pentecostal Church where my Mother attended. It was at Missionary B.C. under the preaching of Bro. Barr that I accepted the truths of Baptist Doctrine. I received scriptural baptism by the Missionary Baptist church at the hands of Pastor Barr. Betty and I continued to attend services at Missionary with Sister Barr as our Sunday School Teacher.
In June of 1956, while attending the Lisbon MBC of Oak Cliff, TX, I surrendered to the ministry. Brother C.E. Patton was pastor. The church licensed me and that fall I attended T.B.I. of Henderson, Texas. I continued my barbering in Henderson on school days and Oak Cliff on Friday afternoon and Saturday. Betty continued to work in Dallas to help with family expenses. By this time we had a three year old daughter, Glenda Joy.
On January 23, 1957 my wife, Betty, passed away from a Polio epidemic that hit Dallas. I was left with a 3 year old daughter. I did not return to TBI that semester. That fall I married Dorothy Hatchett of Greenville TX. and moved to Henderson and continued TBI and my barber job. Dorothy adopted my daughter, Glenda. The following summer we moved to Arlington, TX. I got a barber job and we helped Bro. Happy Mears with a new mission there. That fall we went back to TBI and back to the same barber shop.
On November 10th Dorothy and I had our first child. A healthy looking baby boy we chose to name Jimmy. He passed away from an unknown cause the next day in Henderson Memorial Hospital. Dr, Kirkland and the students gave me great support and strength and encouragement.
In the spring of 1959 I started a Mission in Phelps, TX where I had grown up. This work was sponsored by my first pastorate, New Hope MBC of Moss Hill, TX. With the help of State Missionary Brother Ed Rhodes we organized the following June. In January of 1960 I moved to Phelps and begin barbering in Huntsville, TX. The work grew and we acquired land and a building.
September 1st 1961 I accepted a call from a Mission in Lubbock, TX. In November we organized what is now the Quaker Ave. MBC of Lubbock, TX
After eight years of being assistant Pastor and choir director for Luther Crawford at Lamesa,TX, Bruce Hibbit of Corsicana TX and Jerry Coffman of Odessa, I was sent to Midland, sponsored by Westwood MBC of Odessa in April 1969. There I did Mission work at Oaklawn MBC. Here I was supported by State Missions. We became self supporting in 1973. Westwood MBC then sent me to Northcrest MBC of Andrews TX where four families attended. I continued aState Missionary. After two building programs for Educational space we were self supporting after five years. I pastored Northcrest MBC until March of1981.
In 1981 I was called by Fellowship MBC of Pasadena, TX to be Missionary in Spring, TX We became self supporting after five years and organized in 1987 with 90 members.
In 1991 I was called to pastor Rocky Springs MBC of Dialville,Tx It was then I became Director of the Texas Mission Development which I have come to love so very much. In 1998 I resigned the pastorate of Rocky Springs MBC so that I might promote the TMD program full time. I was able to get a full time barbering job in Rusk, TX. This gave me income to support my work with TMD. Since 1991 God has blessed this program to grow from $9,000.00 for a quarter to $30,000.00 for a quarter. I love this kind of Mission work and love promoting it.
Dorothy and I have been married over 51 years. We have 5 wonderful children, 11 wonderful grandchildren and 5 wonderful great-grandchildren.


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